The Power of Vision and Action

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

I write this post on President’s day sitting in the office struggling to figure out how our District is going to address the financial challenges that we have before us.  This will be a “no holds barred” challenge.  Our local paper had an article in today’s paper that talks about these challenges, even though they did not mention our district.  In all reality, RSU 18 has done a pretty decent job of maintaining programming and services for students over the past 4 years of this economic downturn.  We have done this with minimal loss of jobs and have not had to increase taxes locally to the RSU 18 communities through this time frame.  We may be at the end of this run.  Where things stand (for the FY13 Education Plan) is that RSU 18 is projected to lose $892,000 in state education subsidy next year and also will lose the Federal Jobs Money that we chose to use this year that amounts to $604,000 bringing us to a loss of revenues for next year at $1,495,663.  This reduction comes on the back of losing $1.6 million dollars in revenue last year.  Ouch!  We know that Maine is struggling to finalize a budget to get us through the current year (June 30, 2012) and then will need to address the next year’s budget.   I would not be surprised that the losses in revenues could even grow higher as the State works on their financial challenges in the coming weeks and months.

But my post today is not really about our financial struggles.  It is about what organizations can accomplish when they have a clear vision and purpose.  As I was recently updating administrators about our financial challenges, I was asked, “Does this mean we will slow down the work on our vision and strategic plan?”.  I held off on answering this question at that meeting.  However, since then I have thought about this over the weekend and my answer came to me ever so clearly.  The answer is that now is the time to move forward boldly and with greater resolve that ever (with our vision).  It is in times of struggles that organizations really need to be more grounded in their direction and purpose than ever.  It is in these times that true greatness really rises to the challenges and we are ready.  As we struggle to develop RSU 18’s Education Plan for the next school year, the real power and focus has to and must be the District’s Vision on Engaging Students, Strengthening Communities and Creating Global Leaders and the implementation of our Strategic Plan. It is this work (our strategic plan) that will focus our energies and our resources, all other work take a back seat or a lower priority.  Something very special is happening in RSU 18, just keep watching.

As our District Strategic Plans are developed and formalized over the next few months, I will continue to share them with you.  But for now, I leave you with a message learned long ago and was delivered to me by Futurist, Joel Barker.  A Vision without Action is merely a dream, Action without Vision is just passing time, but with Vision and Action you can change the world.    It’s Time

  1. I’m glad to see you have such optimism when you’re in such a tough spot. I am excited to see the leaner and more focused RSU18 emerge.

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