From the Principal’s Pen: November 2014

Posted: October 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

I am just sharing Jenn McGee’s, Principal of the Atwood Primary School, monthly communication with you. In light of the challenging month that our District has had it seems like a very appropriate message to us at this time.

Atwood Principal's Blog

From the Principal’s Pen

November 2014

Submitted by: Jennifer McGee, Principal of the Atwood Primary School

I don’t remember an autumn in Maine more beautiful than this one. The weather has been glorious, the foliage has been brilliant, and yet…there has been a distinctive cloud covering our beloved Messalonskee.

I feel it would be remiss to write a Principal’s Pen without referencing the recent tragedies at our high school.   As a school principal, I have experienced the impact of the death of a student during a school year, and the “presence of the absence” of a child is so profound…two children, unthinkable.

As a parent, we don’t even allow ourselves to think about that reality, the loss of a child…it is too painful to even imagine.   Human beings attempt to “understand” things. In order to process difficult situations, we seek to put things in neat little boxes…”this happened because…” is…

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