Important RSU 18 Budget Vote June 30th – Words From a Wise Woman

Posted: June 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

Below are the wise words of Laura Tracy (RSU 18 Board Chairperson) prior to the start of  most recent District Budget Meeting for the School Budget for the 2015-16 School Year.  Her message is spot on and I wanted to share this with you.  Next Tuesday, June 30th, Voters in RSU 18 will have the chance to go to the polls to vote on this budget.  Please get out to vote that day! 

Your Vote Matters

Fellow citizens, voters, tax payers, parents – I so much appreciate you coming tonight to vote on this important topic: the RSU 18 Fiscal 2015 – 2016 budget. The budget is important, and the votes you make tonight are very important. Each of you has taken time and made the effort to be for these important votes. We are so pleased to have you. I thank you for everything you will do tonight. These decisions are very important – and you will make them.

We are all gathered here tonight with two significant responsibilities. The responsibility to provide the students of our communities with a sound education. And the responsibility to take great care with the hard earned money of our tax payers and voters.

 Tonight all of us in this room, have to balance these two significant responsibilities.

 On one side of the balance we have a carefully prepared school budget. It supports a quality education, at a cost per student lower than our neighbors. A carefully prepared budget which is focused on “instruction” – not administration – I emphasize -it is focused on “instruction.”

On the other side of the balance we have a budget which shows growth. It is a very modest growth, in fact that the net budget has grown less than ½% per year over the last 7 years, but it is growth none the less. Much more significantly, State Financial support for our district’s education has dropped, dramatically. As a result more of the cost of education is falling on our voter’s real estate taxes.

Tonight – We all have a responsibility – balancing quality education ….and ……prudent use of our voter’s hard earned funds.

 The School Board, I & my peers here, worked hard to present the budget proposals you will vote on to night. We have taken our responsibility seriously – to present to you, tonight a prudent budget – that shows balance.

 This budget is “in balance.” RSU 18 can deliver a quality education. And the cost to our tax payers prudent.

 However, tonight, we are very concerned that changes in the balance, in either way, may result in a budget that fails to pass the June 30 vote.

 A tipping of the balance could results in poorer education for the students, or it could result in an undue burden to our taxpayers. Either impact could be adverse, and could lead us all to yet another contentious voting cycle.

 For this reason, tonight, I ask – as your as School Board chairwoman, as a citizen, as a tax payer, and as member of the community, – I ask us all to take responsibility to keep things in balance.  

I, and my peers on the school board here, feel the best way to maintain this important balance – is to support the warrants as presented.

I and we ask you tonight to accept them.

The responsibility– to the students – to the tax payers – falls on all of us here in this auditorium– to stay in balance. I ask you tonight for your support to support the warrants as they stand. 

Thank you

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